Fires in the Arctic, Australia and the US.

Refugees in the channel.

Thousands sleeping rough on our streets.

A pandemic that has killed over a million people.

It’s easy to feel despair at the moment, but we wanted to look back at some of the reasons to be hopeful since COP25.

China has pledged to go net zero!

It looks like one of the most polluting countries in the world is finally taking climate change seriously.

Fighting the climate crisis takes a serious commitment from every country to do their part.

Heathrow third runway grounded

Heathrow’s third runway was blocked by the High Court after judges ruled the government had failed to assess the impact on climate change.

This was after a long campaign from climate activists, including the fantastic Green London AM Caroline Russell.

Fracking is dead in the UK

Fracking was ‘banned’ in England, following Scotland and Wales.

The moratorium on fracking will not end unless compelling evidence shows that it’s safe.

Amsterdam adopts post-growth economics

Amsterdam adopted post-growth economics! The doughnut model devised by Kate Raworth ensures an economy that works for people and planet.

Renewables broke new records this year

Renewable energy broke new records here in 2020, accounting for almost half of our energy generation in the first quarter.

The green energy revolution is within our grasp!

Use of coal falls around the world

Coal is in decline.

The use of coal is falling globally, with more generation capacity closing than opening.

Mayors around the world call for a Green Recovery

Mayors around the world have called for a Green Recovery to see us out of the pandemic.

A Green Recovery will provide jobs, clean air and see us through to a brighter future.

These much-needed changes are a relief for our planet, but they don’t happen without people like you behind them. Consider joining, donating or becoming a Friend of the Green Party today to further our pioneering work in securing a truly Green Recovery.



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