By Peter Cranie, Green Party health spokesperson

The resignation of Matt Hancock as health secretary has quite rightly given rise to calls for further scrutiny and several questions that require urgent answers.

From queries over Gina Coladangelo’s appointment as a non-executive director of the Department of Health and Social Care…

These are the big questions, and the government has the wrong answers

By Green peer Natalie Bennett

Four hundred thousand years ago, in the East African Rift Valley, human species faced a huge threat — massive ecological change. The very foundations of their world had shifted.

What those ancient humans — individuals like you and I — did was develop new skills…

In order to limit air pollution to healthy levels there would need to be a radical overhaul in the transport sector. The Greens would revolutionise transport by ending the dependence on carbon, using clean energy alternatives and investing in public transport to get people out of cars and onto trains…

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

When Lehman Brothers went belly-up on September 15, 2008, the global financial system wobbled and there was a serious risk that the cash machines would stop working, UK and global government swung into action.

On October 8, the government announced a £500 billion rescue package. The previous day, October 7…

Fires in the Arctic, Australia and the US.

Refugees in the channel.

Thousands sleeping rough on our streets.

A pandemic that has killed over a million people.

It’s easy to feel despair at the moment, but we wanted to look back at some of the reasons to be hopeful since…

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